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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Your Voice Matters: Nominate Henry For RMCTF Work

It was an inspiring moment last October, when Henry reached the top of the Rock of Gibraltar with his Royal Marine brother Nik -- and trainer Michael Blevins. He raised more than £20,000 (around $31,350) for the RMCTF which he's an ambassador for, by participating in the Rock Run. Now you have a chance to nominate his fundraiser in The JustGiving Awards 2015:

The JustGiving Awards are our way of saying congratulations to the outstanding people, charities and teams who’ve lit up the world around them with their incredible commitment to fundraising. Once again we’d like your help to find our Awards nominees. If you know someone who’s used JustGiving to do something amazing this year then we want to hear all about them!

We know we can count on you, and Henry most definitely deserves it! -- NOMINATE HIM NOW.

Thanks everyone (and our reader who gave us the heads up).


  1. It was truly my pleasure to have voted for Henry yesterday. He's been such an inspiration to myself as well as others and I hope that everyone takes a few moments to show there support for such an amazing actor and person. He genuinely deserves this acknowledgement for what he believes in and stands for. So lets pay forward the kindness he shares with his fans back to him by telling everyone in this world how selfless and openhearted this man is for sharing something that is so close to his heart.

    1. Thank you for all your support, Henry really loves his fans. Have a great day.

  2. I have also cast my vote. Being directly participated in the run and ran my own campaign, I feel proud of Henry. Of course I also donated to show my further support. Henry is such an amazing person with such a big heart. Being there at Gibraltar was a life changing experience for me and I can only thank Henry. Thanks for being so kind and caring to me while I was there. It wasn't easy for me as I was sick but Henry made everything worth it and now it is time for me to honour him back. :)

  3. Your welcome. Thanks for posting and thanks to his fans who vote for our amazing Henry

  4. I agree with all these comments. It was not only kind hearted and generous of Henry to help raise money and give of his time/attention to this event, but he did the work/trained for the Rock Climb and took time from his busy filming schedule to do it with his bro, trainer & the Royal Marines--and did it well...along with sharing the love and respect for the RM with the friends, fans and everyone all weekend really being very gracious, generous and considerate with everyone. I vote for Henry for this too...He really put himself wholeheartedly into this event. I remember all the beautiful pics from this weekend and I'm sure everyone involved will remember them and cherish them for years to come too. It was really special. Thanks for sharing, Henry, Everyone & HCN (y) :) <3
    HENRY...<3 <3 <3 U :D


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