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Thursday, June 25, 2015

London Hotness Alert: Summer Lookin' Good On Henry!

@Windegaard: "It's not everyday you bump into Superman but today was that day #HenryCavill #DawnofJustice

Here we thought we weren't getting to see Henry until Comic-Con.. Hiya Supes, looking good!
Windy ran into him in London today. Thank you so much for sharing your pic. And in case there was any doubt.. it's now confirmed: Henry is most definitely headed to San Diego (we think they meant to say *in two weeks*).
See ya there, everyone!

P.S. this is always the best part.. #TheSweetest


  1. Looking good Henry!!!! So nice to see you enjoying your time off :)

  2. Maybe he's getting to SDCC extra early! Those punctual Brits.

    He looks just about perfect here. He looks considerably less bulky. Or is that just the picture angle?

  3. So good this new pic. Too long since the latest pic. I like the smile. And the new shirt. Mmmmm ! Bon appΓ©tit Henry. Urgent icecream ?

  4. Lovely photo...Coupla handsome dudes enjoying the Goodwill Festival of Speed...
    Ant that Ice Coffee looks Refreshing...(y) :D
    Thank you for sharing, Henry, Windegaard & HCN <3 :)
    HENRY...<3 <3 <3 U :D


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