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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Behind The Scenes Peek: A Busy Henry In London

Someone is rockin' the fall look in London..

Thanks to the lovely people at Henry's UK agency, once in a while we get a peek at his work behind the scenes.

We imagine these are pretty busy days for Henry, as he prepares to head to Jordan to play a special forces captain with the U.S. Army in Sand Castle.

Look for the latest, as the November 2 production start date gets closer.

UPDATE 10/14: Here's a first look at the apparent promo shoot they were working on, courtesy of hair and make up artist Ciona Johnson-King. That beard looking on point, Henry!


  1. Is there a place in Jordan where Captain Henry will be stationed...where we can send a lil stuffed piglet/a letter to brighten his day over there? Don't worry, Henry...Kal will be fine...he's in good hands. Stay safe...Enjoy the adventure. Time will fly fast and you'll soon be in the States for BvS & J.L. For now...you're in the military...Enjoy the journey...It's a great story, cast and crew!
    Thank you for sharing your time, etc. with us/your fans always... <3 <3 <3 U :D

  2. oh no #minibeard is growing into The Beard!!!! oh well! still looking good Henry ;)



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