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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Birthday Love For Henry From Around The World

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The birthday greetings for Henry are all over social media, with fans, friends, and those he's met through the years sending him their best as he turns 33 today. 

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You guys have also been showing your incredible support for Henry, by helping him raise funds ahead of The Durrell Challenge next week. We are so proud to be part of a fandom that shows nothing but love for him.

This year is gonna rock!


  1. Translation for Twitter message Matías Lértora ‎6:04 PM - 5 May 2016 by Rebecca
    Happy Birthday my friend #HenryCavill!!! #Superman

  2. Translation for Twitter message Addictedtoseries.com ‎7:01 PM - 5 May 2016 by Rebecca
    Happy birthday to Henry Cavill who turns 33 years old today. Magnificent and excellent Superman.

  3. Translation for Twitter message Warner Channel 4:59 PM - 5 May 2016 by Rebecca
    The years go flying. But this man of steel is flying with them. Happy Birthday,@henrycavill

  4. Translation for Twitter message Poltrona Nerd 2:30 PM - 5 May 2016 by Rebecca
    Happy Birthday Henry Cavill! Last year we had the incredible opportunity to meet him up close.

  5. Translation for Twitter message WB Pictures Latam 7:15 PM - 5 May 2016 by Rebecca
    Happy Birthday Henry Cavill! The #Superman of @ZackSnyder is celebrating his 33 years. #BatmanVsSuperman

  6. Translation for Twitter message WB Pictures Brasil 8:01 PM - 5 May 2016 by Rebecca
    A happy birthday to our Man of Steel, Henry Cavill!

  7. Awww.... hope you're having a great birthday Supes! :)

  8. Happy birthday Henry! Congratulations on your success, your hard work has definitely paid off! Wishing you more successful movies and charities and endorsements to come. Hope you get to be offered and be able to do interesting and varied roles that will showcase your acting ability which we have seen in The Tudors. And be able to be recognised for it. Have a blessed special day Henry! Hope you were able to celebrate it with your dearest loved ones!
    We your fans love you!

  9. Dear HCN,
    Thanks very much for your never ending love and support for Henry and again for this great effort of always bringing us the latest about his career and charities. Your site makes it possible for us fans to see how much Henry is supported and loved by so many people around the world. It's amazing to see how just playing as Superman he was able to touch the lives and hearts of many people and became such a great inspiration! As a fan, it makes me feel so proud!
    By the way, I was wondering if Durrell wildlife trust team is aware that's it's Henry's birthday? I noticed their Facebook and Instagram page have no mention or a birthday greeting for him, considering he is their Ambassador. Just a thought.


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