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Friday, May 6, 2016

Justice League Production Update, BvS Blu-Ray Features, More

UPDATE: It looks like Bats will be pulling double duty on the Justice League set. Deadline is reporting that Ben Affleck will now also executive produce the film already shooting in London:

"Affleck is doing this to be supportive of Snyder, with whom he worked well on Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice." -- READ THE REST.

Cyborg and The Flash have given us a sneak peek at the Justice League set, as they spoke out in support of a campaign that opposes the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Ray Fisher and Ezra Miller's call to action, comes just days after Jason Momoa gave us a preview of his Aquaman look in his online plea for help with the same cause.

Jason later mentioned the kind of work he's been doing on set:

"Amazing day. Mahalo to our amazing stunt team."

As for Supes, we're still not sure he's begun filming. Henry shaved off his beard over the weekend, but the hair color seems kinda light to us. Yes, we're on hair color watch now.

And here's some exciting news for you Lex fans (we know you're out there), he's headed to London's Comic-Con later this month.

If you want to attend his panel, here's the info you need to know. Makes you wonder what the chances are that Jesse is also there for filming.

In the meantime Warner Brothers (in Burbank) is getting ready to kick off its updated studio tour with DC Universe: The Exhibit, and they've shared a preview!

This week we also learned a little bit more about the 'Batman v Superman' Blu-ray, that's expected to hit around mid-July.

Finally, check out this cool comic book cover that Empire U.S. came up with..

You know that's exactly how it would go.. Supes rules!

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  1. Awww Ray and Ezra are adorable. Would be awesome if the whole crew posted a video together.


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