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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

'DC Universe: The Exhibit' Welcoming Fans Starting Today

If you're a fan of the DC cinematic world, this new exhibit is a must do!

It's the latest addition to the Warner Bros. tour in Burbank, and includes some really awesome props and costumes from both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. And you know with more superhero films on the way, it will only keep getting better. If you missed our walk-through on Periscope, you can still watch it here.

And guess who is front and center as soon as you walk in? - Go Supes! (who also takes flight in the closing shot of the intro video to the studio tour).

Our favorite part was the Daily Planet, because you know.. Clois. But there is something for everyone.

Batman fans will love the costumes Ben Affleck wore in Batman v Superman, all created by the super talented Michael Wilkinson (who also gave Superman his updated look).

And of course girl power reigns with the gorgeous Wonder Woman, whose costume is also on display. Gal Gadot will bring that fierceness back in her own solo film next June.

Obviously, our favorite quote below.. wait a second. Are we getting a look at the original quote from Superman in that pivotal scene in Batman v Superman?? -- These are some of the little surprises that await you!

We also got a close-up look at "the" Robin that has the internet talking.. the secrets he must keep.

After checking out a few more displays, we headed back to Metropolis. Some of our favorite props there were in the details, like Lois' name on her journal, and the awesome press badges for her and Clark.

The bad guys are also nicely represented in the new exhibit, with Lex's costume on display and yep, that's Kryptonite in the back (we didn't want to get too close).

You remember this hairless guy.. made Batman jump and you know that can't be easy.

You can see all of our pics in HQ, in the gallery below.

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At the end of the tour, we stopped by the studio store to check out the Batman v Superman offerings, and we dare you to walk away without buying something. Some of these items you won't find online, so we decided not to pass up our opportunity to buy a couple of things.

A huge thanks to Warner Bros. for allowing us to check out the new exhibit and bring you live coverage from there. Learn more at wbstudiotour.com.


  1. Your Periscope was awesome. I had to sneak away from my office at work to watch it and it made for a great break. Now I'm expecting this more often!

    #thebarissethigh #keepemcoming #ihearttheperiscopes


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