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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Netflix In Talks To Buy Sand Castle, WB Reorganizing After BvS

Image: Matt Sinnreich

Today we got an exciting update on Henry's next movie, Sand Castle.

Deadline is reporting that Netflix is ready to buy the film for a cool $13 million at Cannes.

Sand Castle is now in post-production and is expected to be released later this year.

Read more at Deadline.

There is also news on the Warner Bros./DC Entertainment front.

Variety, Deadline, and THR say there is a restructuring underway at the executive level, following the mixed reception to Batman v Superman. Click the links to read more.

UPDATE 5/18: Just a day after the news broke on the shakeup at Warner Bros, Geoff Johns gave the press an idea of where the next DC films could be headed. According to Vulture, he kept mentioning "hope and optimism," and focused on Supes. READ HIS NEW INTERVIEW.

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  1. These changes must be frustrating for the actors. After all they act the way the directors want them to portray the characters. I love BVS and no o e can change my mind on that.

  2. I still love BVS and I won't put up with those who dare to oppose my opinion on such a thing. Henry's gonna knock it out of the park for real once again.

  3. I'm not letting anyone judge me. I enjoyed BVS no matter what changes are implemented.

  4. That would be cool if Netflix picks up Sand Castle

  5. I just hope they don't fire Zack Snyder because it might mean Henry's leaving too. Remember he was first choice as Supes for another movie soon to be directed by McG but it fell through and Brian Singer took the job and didn't want Henry but another actor as Supes. This could happen here too. Doubt anything could happen to Ben Affleck. Or if they get rid of Zack but keep Henry, all the better. Disclaimer, I don't hate Zack personally but I can see the controversy over his style and I'm honestly mostly interested in Henry in the DCEU (although I'm interested in how Suicide squad and Wonder Woman turns out).

  6. So whatever happened with Sand Castle? I just talked to Netflix, and they deny all knowledge.

    1. http://www.henrycavillnews.com/2016/08/production-company-shares-sand-castle.html We should be getting news soon according to one of the producers.


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