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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Superman Training At Roger Gracie's London Academy

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion Roger Gracie, has just shared these pics from his London Academy.

We're not sure if they are from today, but that's definitely Superman in training with his trainer, Mike Blevins by his side.

Justice League!

 @kywangracie: "Superman will choke Batman next time. @henrycavill @bbboj @rogergracie"

It remains to be seen how Henry applies the skills he learns from Gracie on the big screen, and why he needs them in the first place..


  1. Exciting!!!!! can't wait for JL seeing this picture makes me womder if he'll be doing a lot more fighting against darkseid when he arrives on earth.

  2. He wants a black belt... How different.

  3. Either he's training to just to maintain his shape, for a new role, or he's training because Superman will receive some form of combat training as in the comics. Don't know. Either way, Henry's adding to his already impressive skill-set, which is nothing compared to the great man he himself is!

  4. Whatever the reason, it looks like he's having fun.

  5. Yeah i cant wait for jL go henry whoop whoop..supetman is the best.

    1. "Superman is the Best."

      Darn right! Never let anybody tell you different!


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