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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Rake Magazine: Henry Talks DCEU, M:I6, Charity Work

"Becoming the white chocolate" was something Henry apparently had to master, during his photo shoot for The Rake magazine. He's featured in their latest issue, and these past few weeks we've been sharing all the hot pics with you. Now we have his full interview. Henry gives his opinion on the changes in the DCEU, talks M:I6, his commitment to The Royal Marines Charity and Durrell Wildlife, mentions the "sense of ownership" some admirers think they have over his life, and even throws in a quote involving a possible Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2!  -- Check it out below. 

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Here is the link where you can order issue #54 of The Rake magazine.

A big thanks to @FiftyShadesAS for the screencaps. 


  1. I most definitely disagree with some of his comments on learning from mistakes/stylistic mistakes. Snyder's trilogy through MOS/BvS/JL will undoubtedly be the most evocative storytelling of the franchise which we won't likely see again (which I have no hesitation to predict). Will the next phase of Superman's movies challenge me or you? Probably not. I just am thankful everyday, that in my lifetime, I will have MOS/BvS/JL to go back to no matter what happens post JL.

    1. That said, I love Henry to bits and pieces. I love his honesty, and that he doesn't just prop up his franchise, but gives critical thought to it (Even when I don't necessarily agree). He is my #1 Supes.

  2. Nice interview! I like his point of view. There's nothing to be ashamed of in feeling pride in being who you are, or the great family or nation you belong to, just because it's going to make someone else jealous of you, and believe me, it most definitely will! *lol* There are all kinds people in the world, and choosing to be the good person, despite all the challenges, is the best proof of a strong character. I think, everyone can and must put in a little effort to adjust, to be more agreeable, but there's a limit to it. There's only so much you can do, everything outside of that, is not your problem. It's theirs, let them face it! He says he's a traditionalist, and why not?! I really like that about him. Very good, Henry Cavill! D.


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