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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Roger Gracie Academy Coach Shares Her Fab Pic With Henry

‪"So cool to see Superman Henry Cavill training at HQ today." 

Jo Anna is a coach at the Roger Gracie Academy in London, and today she shared her photo with Henry who has been training there since last spring.

As you can see the moustache is alive and well, with Mission: Impossible 6 resuming filming near London this week.

Henry was not able to shave it during the Justice League reshoots, and in November's Empire Magazine Ben Affleck speaks about working with Supes and his stache:

"He looked like a porn star from the ’70s, just with a better body. It’s a different twist [on Superman].”

We can only hope that footage is included in the Justice League Blu-ray!

Look for the full article as soon as it's out.


  1. Hahaa.... Don't you ever get to thinking you can get by, wearing a stache like that, without the "70's porn star" joke from an American. *lol* Great pic; both looking fab! D.

    1. Haha right on, pornstache is practically a subculture here, Henry brought it back.

  2. HC looks a tad tired yes he's probably worked up quiet a sweat but I do worry about him sometimes. He's so busy he looks burnt out! bless him :(

  3. Great picture, This teacher it’s really good, sweet Words guide you to learn how to do understand .hope one Day train with her .


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