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Friday, October 6, 2017

Day 2: Superman & Justice League Merch At NYCC

Pending Licensor Approval from Diamond Select Toys ($45)

It's Day 2 of New York Comic Con, and we set out to find merch related to Superman and Justice League. But first we got a big surprise as we walked into the Javits Center and were handed Walmart's Geek magazine. As you can see Justice League is on the cover, and the article is filled with quotes from Henry's costars about the impact of Supes being dead. It's definitely a must-read.

We also checked in on Jelly Belly artist, Kristen Cumings, who has been working on this Superman portrait made out of jelly beans at the con. It takes about 100 hours to finish the entire thing!

While there, fans can also pick up a variety of DC licensed products from the Jelly Belly Hero Collection.

Oh hey, and look what we found at the Tor Books booth... Henry's suggested book!

More Justice League related cool stuff..

Diamond Select Toys

We're headed back to Times Square for this super cool event tomorrow before hitting NYCC once again. You can follow our coverage on our social media!

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