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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

'Justice League' Tickets On Sale, U.S. Premiere Date Confirmed

It was about time we got a little hope. Today Fandango began its ticket pre-sale for Justice League, and is offering fans this exclusive Supes oriented poster for a limited time. Mind you, this was just sort of a soft launch, yet the site still crashed after the news spread online. Tickets are expected to officially go on sale Friday, and Regal is also prepping for the demand.

UPDATE: Tickets have now officially gone on sale, and both IMAX and Regal Cinemas have some cool treats for fans as well!

If you have the cash, Charity Buzz has a sweet deal for you and confirms the world premiere will take place in L.A. on Monday, November 13th.

Just three more weeks to go!


  1. As much as I am waiting for a great poster with a reference to superman on it, I don't like that new one very much, hope they do another one with a nod to Supes. The IMAX poster however, it really damn nice though.

  2. Now, I'm gonna pass out at my computer! DAGH!


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