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Monday, October 16, 2017

"I Feel Honored That There's A Ben Affleck Bat Flying Around"

How time flies!

It's been almost two years, since Henry met and adopted Ben the bat at Jersey Zoo.

As the conservation trust celebrates Bat Appreciation Month with a look at baby Ben's mom Claudia, we have a new quote from Ben Affleck talking about Henry's adopted #batson... who is very appropriately named after him:

"I feel honored that there's a Ben Affleck bat flying around. Henry does great work for the zoo and elsewhere for the animal kingdom, it's incredible to see his passion and commitment."

The quote comes from the latest issue of The Rake magazine, where Henry also talks about his work for Durrell Wildlife:

"I have always loved animals, I have always loved the natural world, and I have loved learning about these incredible living creatures on our planet. I thought if I am going to throw my weight behind a charity, it has to be something that I am passionate about."

Henry has been ambassador for the charity since 2014, participating in several fundraising events including The Durrell Challenge that will return next year. You can learn all about his involvement with Durrell by visiting cavillconservation.com, where you can also adopt Ben the bat!

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  1. Aww... So cute! Wow, this place; 'Jersey Zoo', with all it's cute creatures and Henry among them, starts looking like paradise... No kidding! *lol* I love this video. It's timeless! D.


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