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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Henry And Kal's Mysteriously Muddy & Bloody Halloween

Nothing to see here... other than Kal's super guilty smile... and Henry's mud-covered hands and face... what axe?... like we said... moving right along. 

Hope you two are having a KILLER time. 

From Henry's FB

In the meantime, over at Jersey Zoo Henry's adopted gorillas were also having a blast. Just in a very different, sane way.  Happy Halloween!  


  1. Haha..Henry tells a very good story. I love this. It took me a while to pick up all the clues. Very clever. And Kal looks pretty happy to be his partner in crime!

  2. Oh, what's going on?! *lol* How cute! We'll need an expert (animal whisperer) to interrogate Kal for answers, because Henry ain't tellin no one! D.


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