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Friday, November 3, 2017

Handsome In London: New York Times Outtakes

The New York Times interviewed Henry in London for a feature that included some artistic pics by Tom Jamieson. Here are a few more that haven't been published in full size, but WOW. Thanks to steph78206 for the tip. We'll share the HQ when/if they're made available.

UPDATE (11/12): We've replaced a few of the pics (now untagged) via McAvoys on Tumblr. 


  1. Oh, I really like these! Wow, he's the kinda handsome you don't wanna stop yourself falling in love with. D.

  2. What? It says, "who is flirting with A-list stardom"? Oy. If our Henners isn't an A-list star, then there is no such thing as an A list. "Flirting" indeed. These journalists. Well, other than that, lovely article, with lots of good quotations -- lots worth thinking about.

  3. Great serial said pics I love to see you laughing then the are more beautifull

  4. There's no way he can be that perfect.
    His gorgeous inside out.
    Naah. His something outta this world.
    For sure.


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