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Monday, November 13, 2017

Watch The 'Justice League' World Premiere Live!

The Justice League world premiere is tonight, and here's all the info on where you can watch it LIVE.

Justice League Facebook

Justice League Twitter

Warner Bros. YouTube


Make sure you're also following our updates on social media, and look for a wrap with all the pics and videos from the night.

Go Superman!


  1. Waiting for new pics!!!! So exciting! Sad there are no pics from Henry at the airport. Do you know if he will go to any shows like Conan or kimmel?

    1. Nothing confirmed. We'll let you know if we hear.

  2. So - sorry - what is this? Is this just red carpet stuff? I didn't know this was happening, but depending on what it is, I'll try to catch it...

  3. Thanks a lot for the links, HCN. I managed to watch it live; it was great! The time difference across the globe is huge. The sun was out and I had to rush. Henry was looking so handsome. He's even more handsome in real life! Somehow, I hadn't realized it! *chuckles* D.

  4. Henry isn't the shortest Ezra is lol I mean if 6'1 is short then what is someone at 5'6 then XD

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