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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Justice League #1 Across The World, Go Supes!

Sigrid's cover of "Everybody Knows" serves as a heartbreaking reminder of a world without Superman. 

On this Justice League Day, the film is finding plenty of fan support around the world!

According to Deadline's latest numbers, Justice League is opening strong in countries like Mexico, the UK and Brazil:

Now open in 65 markets, Warner Bros/DC’s Justice League has lifted its international box office cume to $70.7M through Friday. This is off adding $43.3M yesterday on approximately 47,500 screens around the world. Japan is the only major not opening this session.

The confirmed Friday gross in China is in line with the flash estimates at $15.1M (RMB 100.3M). The superheroes are playing on 21,000 screens and took 65% of the Top 5 films. With sneaks factored in, the cume there is $16.4M. The Saturday number is estimated at $21M (RMB 139M) and will be confirmed tomorrow when we should see it top $50M for the full opening frame.

Mexico came in at No. 1 on Friday with $3.1M (58.7M pesos) from 3,834 screens and landing ahead of the opening day grosses of Wonder Woman (+33%) and Thor: Ragnarok(+48%).

In the UK, the Justice League also topped Wonder Woman and Thor with an estimated $3.3M (£2.5M) on 1,617 screens.

In other new bows, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince stormed into India with a No. 1 start of $1.2M (INR 78.2M) on 1,227 screens. That doubled WW’s first day and gave WB its third best start ever. In IMAX it’s WB’s best bow there. Spain also topped WW (+63%) and came in on par with Ragnarok at $933K (800K euros).

Some of the numbers today are more promising than they looked in the Friday update, but as with domestic, projections on this opening for Justice League are skewing downward. Getting to $200M internationally will be close.

Brazil is still quite strong with a $7.5M cume through Friday. Korea is at $3.7M (although it had an unofficial 89% jump from Friday to Saturday so that number is closer to about $6.4M; figures not provided by WB).

Go Supes!

Hope you guys know how lucky we are to have an actor who loves his character as much as we do.

Those who've met Henry through the years, have also been sharing their excitement for him.

Here's to hearing news soon on Man of Steel 2. Congratulations Henry!

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  1. Darn right. Even when he wasn't on screen, he was still the film's dominating presence! It started with him and it ended with him (if you ignore the post-credits)! Henry absolutely nailed it! He was basically playing himself, but with an American accent! Zack Snyder is a FREAKIN' genius...!

  2. Just seen it and I'm so glad Superman is back although the cgi to cover the mustache was pretty bad. How dare they tamper with that beautiful face

  3. I get tired of reading how much a movie is grossing. Hopefully there are many "true" actors out there who do movies for the sake of their art as opposed to how many tickets their movie sells.

  4. Aah! He's so delightful... D.


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