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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Justice League: Time To Show Your Support For Superman!

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Justice League is now out in U.S. theaters, with the first screenings happening tonight. The movie opened Wednesday in various countries around the world, including Brazil and France where fans are representing!

Now it's your turn America, to show your support for Superman and the rest of the Justice League!

Henry has been Supes since 2010 when he officially got the part, but he says he's far from done with playing the iconic role:

"It feels like...it feels like there is not enough time in my life to be able to properly represent this character. I... there is so much opportunity to tell this story in the most magnificent and marvelous way and... I just want to get stuck in." 

Watch his interview with Harkins Theaters by clicking below (bonus Kal story included) and don't miss the rest of his new interviews in our YouTube playlist.

Please let us know what you think about Henry in Justice League, we're pretty sure you're gonna LOVE his performance.


  1. So.. looking forward to Henry "Superman" in Justice League! Henry likes being upstaged by Kal; so adorable!

  2. The film was very nice. But it will be better if Sack or Joss Whedon shaves Henry and spend the money paying to mi6 for doing traditional makeup for de face of Henry and having his moustache. Because i notice which scenes are digitally made his lips and areas. And also the look of his haircut. Im angry for that. I m Edward,film maker from Argentina. Fan of Superman and Henry. Thanks Henry.

  3. Yeah - they could have just let him have the mustache and reshot his scenes WITH the mustache, instead of CGI'ing his face which was awful... AND_ why did they give him Ben Affleck's jaw instead of his own? Did they forget which actor they were trying to create? ARGH! Anyway - Superman was great. Favorite scene - Superman loses interest in Batman when Lois shows up.... HAHAHAHA!! Loved it.

  4. I was saying to shave him for justice league and make his moustache for mi6 with traditional makeup. And yes, when Lois coming up, supermand discard batman jajajaj. Beautifull.

  5. The removel of the mustache wasn't as nearly as distracting as some are trying to make it appear.


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