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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Superman Joins The 'Justice League' In Updated Poster

DC Films on Weibo

Superman has finally taken his place, as part of the Justice League!

Today Warner Bros. unveiled the updated Alex Ross-inspired poster shot by Clay Enos.

Have you seen the film? -- Let us know what you thought!

Warner Bros. // Clay Enos via.


  1. Right in the middle where he belongs!

  2. I have seen the movie. They reshot a lot and gave Henry less than wonderful looks. But HE himself was great, and made me long for Man of Steel 2.

    1. I guess I need my eyes checked. He looked pretty good to me. The only scene that really showed CGI involved was the very first scene. This whole mustache thing is beyond ridiculous.

  3. The film has some weaknesses but the good parts were GREAT! And seeing Superman (not just because of Henry) makes my heart beat...perfect!

  4. Now we want, need and deserve a man of steel sequel!!


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