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Monday, November 6, 2017

New 'Justice League' Clip With Lois & Her "Mother-In-Law"

As we count down to the Justice League release, we hadn't really heard much from Superman's mom... until now!

Diane Lane was a guest on the Today Show, and she brought with her a new clip from the film that shows Martha visiting Lois at her job. Warning: It's REALLY SAD. Especially when she seems to be talking about losing the Kent farm and calling herself Lois' "Mother-in-law." Clark, they need you.

Diane also gives her reaction after watching Justice League, saying she was "really impressed."

She also gave Wendy Williams her reaction to the film. Watch here.

November 17.. SO CLOSE YOU GUYS.

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  1. Oh, I missed!?... Diane, looking so lovely on Today Show but on Wendy, couldn't take eyes off her gorgeous screen son on the screen behind them. *giggles* Oops! D.


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