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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Let's Get Henry & 'Man of Steel' Some Big Wins!

The NewNowNext awards are coming up in less than two weeks, and Henry and Man of Steel are both nominated. It's up to us to get those wins. Vote, vote, vote! (polls open until April 9th).

Next Must-See Movie
“Fruitvale”, Weinstein Company #NNNAFruitvale
“Man of Steel”, Warner Bros #NNNAManofSteel
“Pacific Rim”, Warner Bros #NNNAPacificRim
“Star Trek Into Darkness” , Paramount #NNNAStarTrekDarkness
“The Great Gatsby”, Warner Bros #NNNAGreatGatsby
“The Heat”, Fox #NNNATheHeat


Cause You’re Hot – Presented by Gillette
Adan Canto, “The Following”, Fox #NNNAAdanCanto
Barry Sloane, “Revenge”, ABC #NNNABarrySloane
Henry Cavill, Man of Steel, Warner Bros #NNNAHenryCavill

Mahershala Ali, “House of Cards”, Netflix #NNNAMahershalaAli
Richard Madden, “Game of Thrones”, HBO #NNNARichardMadden
Stephen Amell, “Arrow”, CW #NNNAStephenAmell

You can also tweet your vote, like this example below via @HenryCavillOrg:  

"I voted for #NNNAManOfSteel for Next Must-See Movie in the #NNNAwards!"

Let's do this for Henry guys!

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