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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New 'Man Of Steel' Trailer: What People Are Saying

We don't have to tell you what part of the new Man of Steel trailer made us melt like butter hitting a hot pan. The GIF says it all. But there was so much more to those three blissful minutes of awesomeness that had fans and critics raving about the film.

Total Film highlights the 10 Best Moments in the trailer. Our favorite part of their write-up:

One of the greatest aspects of the character is his politeness, and his humbleness. It seems that Snyder and Nolan have retained that key aspect of the comics.

Not only that, but Cavill delivers it beautifully.

Also check out MTV's 15 Gotta See Moments, New York magazine's Five Questions Raised by the Man of Steel trailer, and Scene by Scene Speculation by Cosmic Book News, for a play by play of what has everyone talking.

Hit Fix brought the funny, but very true prediction on its 15 Things We Learned from the New Man of Steel trailer post:

"We already have a winner of the 2014 MTV Movie Award for best shirtless performance" 

Uhmm, yeah.

Our favorite comments however, came from the established bloggers like Collider's Steve Weintraub, who couldn't stop tweeting his excitement about the new Man of Steel trailer:


And the new MAN OF STEEL trailer melted my face off. Lost my mind while watching it. Cannot wait for this movie to hit theaters.

words cannot fully describe how excited I am for MAN OF STEEL. It really looks like the SUPERMAN movie I've always dreamed about.


'On my planet it stands for hope.' Just saw the Man of Steel trailer and holy sh*t... Going to be HUGE! Hand over mouth entire trailer.

Watch Slash Film gush about it at about 2:30 in the clip 


I think the #ManOfSteel trailer is making me dehydrated with all the drool it's forming.

Superman trended worldwide on twitter for hours, and people are still talking about the new trailer now.

As for us WB, you had us at..

courtesy: MCMoSav

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