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Friday, April 26, 2013

DC VP of Marketing Says Get Ready For The Big Announcement!

Comicbook.com has shared the exciting details of the comments made by DC VP of Marketing John Cunningham today, regarding a future superhero franchise:

During a panel at C2E2, DC/Warner Bros. VP Marketing John Cunningham was asked about the possibility of either a Justice League or Wonder Woman movie. John Cunningham replied, “Well, we weren’t going to say anything until Warner Bros. studios allowed us to do it, but since you asked the question. Watch this space. Watch it. It’s coming.”

His comments seem to mirror what Warner Bros. said about a big announcement in the coming weeks. (We'd love to believe rumors about Gina Carano filling those Wonder Woman boots are true). Cunningham also mentioned Henry:

When asked if there were any plans to use Superman Return’s Brandon Routh in anything Superman related such as animated features, John Cunningham replied, “If we do have those plans I am not aware of them, but let’s hope that after June 14 you won’t want to see anybody but Henry Cavill doing this role.”

We know once that date comes around, Henry will be on everyone's radar and we love it!

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