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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Man of Steel Wrap: Fun App, Advance Ticket Sales, Supes License Plate

Mark May 18 on your calendar everyone! - that's when Walmart is expected to begin selling tickets for an advanced screening of Man of Steel. You get to see it a day early! - read all the details.

Advance tickets for the UK go on sale tomorrow.

Kellogg's is running a great contest for Man of Steel fans, and they've now introduced an app, with all sorts of exclusive content to unlock. Check out the preview.

Are these awesome or what?!.. GBPosters has come out with some amazing promo art for Man of Steel. These are our picks because frankly we're not into the whole glowing eyes Superman. See the rest at their site.

And the good people of Ohio are a lucky bunch. They get to drive around in these plates. Read how it all came about, and why the plate ended up with the phrase at the bottom.  

Ohioans are not the only ones with bragging rights. Check out the 10 fun facts about Superman's Canadian ties.

ColliderFrosty spotted these special edition Man of Steel 3D glasses at Cinemacon. Want.

Finally, Hans Zimmer shared some pretty cool details about how he came up with the Man of Steel score while talking to CNN. We got a preview in the new trailer, and now the whole song 'An Ideal of Hope' is out. We dare you not to love it.

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