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Saturday, April 20, 2013

USA Today Guys Geek Out Over New Trailer: We Love Every Moment Of It

We admit it. Watching the new Man of Steel trailer has become a daily addiction. This is how our day goes since it was released earlier this week: eat, sleep, work, trailer. Especially those last few seconds of it, and that interaction between Henry and Amy Adams (wowza!). But what's probably been the most fun after that, has been reading the reaction to the trailer by men around the world. Especially those who one moment are professional bloggers, the next: rabid fanboys. Again, we're right there with them, so when the USA Today's guys shared their excitement about Man of Steel and mentioned Henry, we thought you might want to read about it.  

John Elliot: And speaking of new trailers…What are your thoughts on the new Man of Steel trailer?!?! Brian, you've already written some about this, and the internet as been joyfully squealing all morn. It seems like the expectations game has been kicked up a notch…

Brian Truitt: I would say. I mean, I'm not a HUGE Superman fan - always found him a bit boring - and while I wasn't crying like half my Twitter feed, I thought the trailer looked amazing. I'm finally buying Cavill as Supes, Russell Crowe looks awesome as Jor-El and OMG Michael Shannon looks EPIC as General Zod. Any time when Supes is punching dudes in midair is an auto-win.

Bryan Alexander: How can you not on the Henry Cavill train from the start. His jaw alone was born to play the part

Brian Truitt: And we also got to see Lois Lane for more than a second here. I kinda dig Amy Adams in the role, and her and Supes have a nice moment.

Brian Truitt: Brandon Routh still looks more like Supes than Cavill to me. Cavill just might get the better movie.

Bryan Alexander: That's like saying Mario Mendoza looks more like a ballplayer than Don Mattingly

Brian Truitt: What will be really interesting to see is if Warner Bros. really is going all in with Man of Steel here, they may be seeding some stuff for a Justice League movie down the line a la Avengers. And if Gina Carano shows up as Wonder Woman, I will nerd out mightily.

We have to agree, we're not-so-secretly hoping Gina does end up as Wonder Woman, just because she kicks ass and looks gorgeous while doing it. Seriously, would you pick a fight with her?

Anyway, read the rest of the USA Today Movie Forum post, where the fanboys decide whether Man of Steel can beat Iron Man 3 in the blockbuster race at the box office.

You know our answer ;)

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