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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Static Ahead Of Launch: New 'Man of Steel' Trailer On The Way!

Usually white noise equals us screaming at the TV because the signal went out during our favorite show, game, or soap opera. But in this case we couldn't be happier to see it on the Man of Steel official site, because it clearly means Warner Bros. is ready to unleash the next trailer soon! (we've seen the radio waves  before).

How soon? - we started wondering that ourselves after Henry was announced as a presenter at the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday. Not only that, the Superman: Man of Steel Facebook got a tip that the static is encrypted with a countdown. It ends at 5pm PDT... right when the ceremony gets going. There is now also a new transmission to decode on the DSRW project. Of course there's no guarantee the new trailer will be unveiled during the show. Either way we'll be watching in support of Henry, so a new Man of Steel clip would just be icing on our superhero cake. Bring it MTV.

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