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Sunday, April 14, 2013

MTV Movie Awards: Publicist Cites Scheduling Conflict, Looking Ahead To Cinemacon

So we finally have the answer on why Henry didn't attend the MTV Movie Awards, despite him being on the seating chart and presenters list. His publicist issued this statement via:

"Henry is not at the Movie Awards tonight. He was mistakenly included on the presenters list prior to us letting them know he was not able to participate."

So what now?.. first off, let's not forget the awesome new clip we got of General Zod's message from space. (UPDATE: we've added the UK version at the top. You can see Superman shield better and Henry's name in the credits!).


U.S. version

Encrypted billboard messages led us to IWillFindHim.com that immediately after the clip was released began a 48 hour countdown. To what you ask? - our guess is to Cinemacon's Warner Bros. presentation Tuesday. That's where we had initially heard the trailer was going to be released, and it looks like that is still the case. This viral campaign is fun! - stay tuned for updates.

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