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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fan Flashback: Henry & His Curls At The 'Sucker Punch' Premiere

HashBrownKelvin (IG) just shared his great pic with Henry at the London Sucker Punch premiere in March of 2011. Thank you!

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  1. I think Henry Cavill is used to be named "handsome" not exactly because he is, but because he is a good actor. Some people who are stunning, regular people, never ever get used to be called that. Luckily, most people do the best for their health. :D :D :D That said... OMG!!!, I love Sucker Punch Premiere´s pics !!! sdfjkdfjskdgdskgjdkgjgjgjslkdjf... Humbly grateful :)

    Btw, still looking for Henry Cavill/Superman in "Guess the character" game.. Who has to fix it? Kidding. I mean, why does that matter so much whether BvS is a MOS´s sequel, a JL´s prequel... or whatever the market does? He is Henry Cavill, even if he is all the time filming and finally only gets ... TEN minutes? in the movie.. :D Again kidding. Sorry, but we love Henry.

  2. Lovely Sucker Punch Flashback Pic! I would love to run the fingers through those curls...just to see...Thanks for sharing Hashbrown Kelvin, HCN & SuperCav-El (y) <3 :)

  3. So young looking just a few years ago!

  4. To me Henry is the most handsome man in the whole, entire world.


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