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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Production In Full Swing: Amy Adams Back In Detroit, More Props Spotted

Despite the fact that fan pics have given us a preview of how Henry looks as he films Batman v Superman, we have yet to see him in his new costume (dammit). We did learn Amy is back in Detroit, after blogger Trent Vanegas spotted her on his flight Tuesday. Looking as gorgeous as ever Lois!

Emergency vehicles and military trucks were also spotted on set (via Batman-News.com reader Janelle), and you've seen the big statue being put together near what's expected to be the LexCorp building. So now we're just awaiting the action. If you check out these sets and have pics and details to share, let us know at henrycavillnews@gmail.com. All very exciting!


  1. Exciting!!!!! Thanks HCN! Amy as cute as ever. Henry? Sooooo yum, that's all that comes to mind.....what a dreambo:P

  2. Beast mode?!!! More like sculpted like a God. Maybe Zeus or Poseidon.


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