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Thursday, June 12, 2014

'Batman v Superman' Production Update: Facts, Rumors, More

Batman v Superman production news has been trickling in from Michigan this week, after the weather apparently delayed several planned shoots. But we do have pics and info from two confirmed locations that have now wrapped. Wednesday the cast and crew, that allegedly included Amy Adams and Henry worked at a Pontiac area hotel. Michael G. sent us these exclusive pictures along with a few details. He said there was a lot of security around the back part of the hotel where filming took place for most of the day. He added that several times during the shoot, police stopped traffic on nearby streets.

When he returned to check on the location today, it was clear that work was done there. Below is a picture of crews tearing down the set-up used during filming.

There is a report Henry was spotted in his Superman suit last night. This is what @justwitt had to say:  I could only see a portion of the S & his boots. And his handsome face of course! Also saw Amy for a very brief sec.

If that is the case, that sighting might have happened as Henry headed to this location in the Detroit area. Several fans posted pics of the set for last night's filming that was gone by this morning.

Image: vlykogiannis

Michael also exclusively shared these pics from the studio today, where a huge green screen has been set up. He also said he spotted a black and white Metropolis Police cruiser driving around. Unfortunately he couldn't get a pic of that, but check out Eric Lacy's latest close-up photos of the vehicles parked in the area.

This was LexCorp. today, where Michael said there was a lot more activity than in previous days. But you can see the sign is still very much covered, which makes us wonder if that pic floating around online with the logo unveiled is real. More updates to come!

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