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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Latest From Detroit: Filming Continues, No Superman In Sight

UPDATE 6/19: Jason Momoa was on with Jimmy Kimmel last night and while he remained coy about being Aquaman, who is he kidding? CONFIRM IT ALREADY - check out the clip below.

And thanks to the very awesome Joe, we have a first look at the LexCorp chopper!
It's been a busy last few days on the latest Batman v Superman set, that seems to be centering on LexCorp.

Matt has been checking out that set and shared this pic from the studio, where Superman is once again under wraps.

He also gave us a good look at some of the license plates on the cars. Love the details!

So that's that. We are still waiting to see pics of Henry on set, but the way things are going it's looking like it may be a while.. sigh. At least we get to see him in fan pics! (and we are SO grateful for that, thank you Henry).
Batman v Superman showed up at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this week. Check out the banner in the video (via blurppy) and cross your fingers we get some good stuff at Comic-Con, that's a little bit more than a month away!


  1. If Cav-El is not on the set...I should be giving him a Body Massage...

    Thanks for the Super Updates, HCN (y) :) <3

    1. Henry Cavill ‏@HenryCavillNews · 10h
      We haven't seen Superman on set, but there's plenty going on in MI. LATEST http://bit.ly/1vU9SdL #HenryCavill #BvS pic.twitter.com/8HuJ3MybeC

      The look on His face in this pic suggests that SuperCav-El definitely needs a Back Rub... :D <3 <3 <3

  2. Amy Adams arrived from Denver last evening with her daughter and significant other.

    1. Hope you got to meet her, she's really nice. Thanks for the update, looks like it's likely back to the studio then. Please let us know if you spot any filming.

  3. What a gorgeous, dreamy, and muscular cast of men.

  4. Henry Cavill ‏@HenryCavillNews · 3h
    Forget filming, let's jump straight to promo time! #crushworthy #ManofSteel #HenryCavill http://henrycavillnews.com #BvS pic.twitter.com/q6F0ApSHbh

    (y) <3 <3 <3 Nice pic of Superhot Cav-El...thanks for the updates, HCN (y) <3 :)
    Jason Momoa as Acquaman... Awesome... (y) :)

  5. BvsS is increasingly a non-Superman film. No wonder Henry is not on site. He is quietly being escorted out by WB. Oh yeah, wait till after JL films back to back with BvsS, Cavill and WB will part company over creative differences. Just you wait. The writing is so on the wall. The rumors are out there over Cavill leaving. WB unhappy with MOS profit? Its all about the money.

    The blame wrongly goes to the actor. Talk to Ryan Reynolds and what happened to him after GL. The same story is playing out here. At least he got one more film. Routh was not so lucky.

    WB is negotiating with Gadot to up her 3 picture deal. But not so with Cavill?! Please.That says it all. And Gadot has not even yet proved herselfon-screen as WW.

    1. This became a non-Superman movie the second it was announced that Batfleck was joining in. Even when WB announced the title, they never used the word "sequel". This is just a prequel to a true Justice League movie. The rumors are that we won't get a true MOS sequel until 2018. But that's 4 years away. A lot can change.

  6. I don't like visiting fansites like SHH and seeing 25 pages of threads for Batman/Ben, 20 for WW/Gadot and just 7 or so for Superman/Henry.This was Henry's film and WB took it away from him.

    Fans are responding more to Ben and Gal because they are getting much more news/rumors. Is WB orchestrating that? Or is it is what it is. Either way, breaks my heart.

    Henry knows more than we do and if something is going on pushing him to the sidelines he will honor his commitment the gentleman he is, but he won't and should not allow himself to be used like this going forward.

    So latest rumor is Gadot gets a solo film in 2018, Ben gets a solo in 2019 and then another JL film, JL2, is made in 2020. And Henry gets nada. Well maybe sometime after JL 2 in 2020. Don't buy that BS Henry.

    1. Cavill is also rumor to be getting another solo. Can people just wait until SDCC? It is almost here. Based on WB reveals, then people can decide whether or not to go on meltdown mode.


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