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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving From You, Us, And Henry!

Four months away!

That's all we could think of when we saw that lovely Thanksgiving post. And then Lex shared his holiday message.. and freaked us out a bit.

In all seriousness, today many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving. And aside from the obvious gratitude for our families and our troops who are out there risking their lives so we can have our freedom, we would also like to thank YOU.

We wouldn't be here without you helping us support Henry in any way we can. From sending in holiday wishes for him, to cheering for him and his latest projects, to helping him raise funds for his charity work, you guys have been the best. So thank you, we really do appreciate you for helping us keep the blog a positive place for Henry.

We take our cue from him. Henry is a person who takes the time to thank each fan who asks for a pic or autograph, all the way up to the designer house which for years has supported him and believed in him and his career (and keeps him looking dashing at red carpet events). 

So our last thanks this year go out to him, for inspiring this blog. You're a good man Henry Cavill, and we're very proud to support you in everything you do. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

P.S. It looks like Henry is enjoying a Thanksgiving meal in Jordan via producer Justin Nappi. :)

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