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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Henry's Latest Message On Social Media: Adopt Ben The Bat

Henry is back on social media with a message of conservation!

Just last week Durrell Wildlife released a new interview with their ambassador, where Henry talked about his encounter with the bats at the Jersey park and why it's so important to save them. During his recent visit he got to meet "Ben," who he adopted and now so can you!

Check out the new video of Henry hanging out with the bats, and learn how you can adopt Ben.

When you visit cavillconservation.com, you can also sign up for Henry's latest updates and find the best holiday gifts while helping him save endangered animals. Don't miss out!


  1. I hope I'm not the only one who swooned just a bit when he said "There you go, babe", as he was feeding Claudia? Sigh...................

    1. yup I agree, I had to listen to it twice just to make sure that's what he said and swoon city!!!! what a sweetheart! that's why we love him!

  2. You can really see Henry's love for animals.
    Hope he continues with this work. One day I will get to Jersey zoo, yes I know its called Durrell now but Henry and I were both brought up knowing it as Jersey.
    I'd love to sit down with him and know if the images I created in my mind from Mum's stories are what he saw as a child. I think it had/has a greater impact than people know. Keep up the hard work Henry and HCN.


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