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Friday, December 30, 2016

Everything Henry: End Of The Year Mentions

The mentions for Henry and his projects keep coming, as we look ahead to 2017.

Henry's participation in The Durrell Challenge, is among the highlights in Durrell's end of the year wrap. And you can now register for next year's run! -->> doitfordurrell.com.

Right now Henry is offering fans a chance to hang out with him in London.. Omaze reminding everyone of that incredible fun opportunity that's supporting The Royal Marines Charity.

The buzz for Justice League also keeps growing!

And Henry is in good company, after being listed among Just Jared's 25 Most Popular Actors of 2016.

"We are getting ready for the new year by recapping the top celebs of the past year, as determined by our readers. All of the rankings that we post in our recaps are based on statistics grabbed from reader interaction via pageviews, comments, and more."

The people who put together The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2016 gave him a spot on their list as well (at about 4:38).

With Henry listed among the top ten grossing actors of 2016, we'd say this has been a pretty good year for him.. certainly worked hard enough for it!

Congratulations, Henry.  


  1. Well now this is a great Bday present :) all things Henry!!!!! Happy girl I am now :) can't wait for 2017 and all thing Henry some more :)
    Thanks for posting HCN
    P.S. It's Bahia's bday tooo!!!

    1. Who's Bahia?

      Happy birthday by the way.

    2. Thank you :)
      Bahia is the Andean Bear at Durrell, she's the mom :)


      Those bears are super cute!

  2. Is it me or does Michael Fassbender look like an older version of Henry Cavill........

  3. Thanks for sharing with me happy new year

  4. An exceptional year for an exceptional man. May 2017 bring him much success love and happiness ��

  5. I think Sam Heughan and Aidan Turner should have been on the list of 100 most handsome.


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