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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Henry's New Post: Kal Makes His Dad Very Happy

Anyone who has a beloved pet knows exactly how Henry feels about Kal. And this new picture of him shows he's just as photogenic as his dad! (he's also the number one attention-getter everywhere he goes).

We wish them many more holidays together.


  1. That is the cutest thing ever! Kal is so sweet! don't you just wanna sunggle up with him? and then find what he tore up LOL! That post made my day! I have to agree with Henry, dogs are truly man's best friend!!! I miss my rottie (Tacoma) and seeing Kal's happy face reminds me of him!
    Talk about Super Dad and Super puppy!
    Thanks for posting HCN and Henry!
    Merry Christmas Henry and Kal!

  2. I have to agree merry christmas henry cavill

  3. Hmm so sweet. I do think pets are therapeutic for our well being.
    It looks like Superman has a nice dog. Merry Christmas to all..!


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