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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Super Jedi Rules, In Zack Snyder's 'Star Wars' Fan Film

It's been a geek-heaven kind of day.

Director Zack Snyder just released what he called a "fan film," in response to J.J. Abrams' Batman v Superman Easter eggs in the promo leading up to The Force Awakens last year. Zack's short film "Dark Knight v Super Jedi" is a classic compared to that..

The clip is filled with awesome references and comparisons relating to Supes..

Join Vero and follow the director's account there to check it out! -- We'll post it here if we see it online.

UPDATE: Check out the video on Entertainment Weekly.

We knew something was brewing, when Zack started posting Batman v Superman/Star Wars links. We're really hoping that means that a Justice League trailer is coming next week as rumored, attached to the release of Rogue One.

"Tell me, do you embrace the dark side?.. You will."

All images: Zack Snyder/Warner Bros.

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