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Monday, December 19, 2016

Henry Shares A Little 'Peace On Earth'

Henry has been spreading holiday cheer on social media for several days in a row now. Today's post immediately led us back to a comment by our reader Deo, after Henry shared that first Christmas tree pic

"Does he ever prove to NOT be Superman? Him doing this reminds me of the comic "Superman: Peace on Earth", where Supes brought a massive Christmas tree to Metropolis. It's as if the spirit of Superman himself had settled on Henry!"

We're no experts, but you guys are.. and as it turns out this piece was made by Alex Ross for Peace on Earth..

From Henry's FB

We're sensing a theme.. and we could certainly use a little hope in the world right now.

Thanks, Superman.


  1. Beautiful art work! thanks for sharing HCN and Henry! looks like we are getting an early Christmas present from Henry with all the sharing he's been doing lately!! thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Well, this is what you call spooky, huh? You give your two cents and suddenly, this happens! Lol! Thanks for the mention! And I think everyone should read Peace on Earth. It's a great story...

    1. That's because it was a beautiful,kind and great thing to say! not only of Henry but of Superman too! it reminded me of 2 things! (1) why I fell in love with the Superman comics and will always be a Superman girl and (2) of just how much Henry works so hard to help the people in the charities he supports and how great he is with his fans!
      So thanks Deo for saying that! it was a two cents well spent! :)

    2. @ Deo. I, too, love the Peace on Earth story. And the fact, it's painted by Alex Ross (quite possibly the best CB painter EVER), great bonus. Here is the image of Superman bringing down the Christmas Tree into the heart of Metropolis that you mentioned. https://twitter.com/rebecca70111/status/810611194553892864

      I also wanted to comment on what HCN quoted you "It's as if the spirit of Superman himself had settled on Henry!" I remember a Man Of Steel interview where he actually said that this role is as much a lifestyle choice as it is a career choice. That comment has always stuck with me.


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