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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Men's Fitness Magazine Online Friday, Hits Newsstands Monday

Men's Fitness magazine, today released a few pictures from Henry's shoot with Ben Watts.

A photo posted by Ben Watts (@wattsupphoto) on

The magazine also published the candid interview Henry did with them, and their chat with his trainer, Michael Blevins.

Henry was styled by the fabulous Ciona Johnson-King..

You can find everything else in these posts 1/2. The September issue hits newsstands Monday!

Thanks @Primula87_Tumblr


  1. Beautiful shoot! <3

  2. He's in awesome condition, looks gorgeous!

  3. He looks to good for words. There aren't any that would do him justice.

  4. He looks amazing! So handsome, in all these pics. Started reading that interview first. He's done such a good interview! "Aww... Henry! It doesn't matter how you said, "Arkansas"; you're still kinda American in some ways, when you talk, in my opinion." What a Bond he'll make! I'd love to see his classic Bond. D.


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