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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Photographer Thanks Fans With New Men's Fitness Outtake

felix.aaa: "The Henry Cavill fans found my profile over the weekend and it proceeded to go wild for about 72hrs following. So here's a gift to you for showing legitimate etiquette in sharing and crediting. Henry catching a moment to himself between looks."

Proper credit goes a long way.

Felix worked with Henry on his two shoots for Men's Fitness magazine, and posted several outtakes on his Instagram account. Fans recently discovered the shots, and he was happy to share one more today because he was credited despite the fact that he didn't watermark his pics.

Nice job you guys.



  2. Imagine waking up next to him every morning.

  3. Thank You Mr. Felix. For sharing with all of the fans. yet another side of Dalgliesh for us to cherish and appreciate. Your work with him is our pleasure.

    1. Not being rude or anything but Henry has never referred to himself by Dalgliesh so I don't think it's wise for his fans to do so.


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