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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Henry Celebrates Superman Anniversary, Congratulates WW

Hi Everyone! I've been doing some Super Ruminations because this month is the 79th anniversary of Superman in Action Comics and thought it fitting to pass on this little fact. Who knew eh?? In January 1933, Jerry Siegel wrote a short story titled "The Reign of the Superman", which was illustrated by his friend Joe Shuster and self-published in a science fiction magazine. It told the story of a bald villain with telepathic powers. Trying to create a character they could sell to newspaper syndicates,Siegel re-conceived the "superman" character as a powerful hero, sent to our world from a more advanced society. He and Shuster developed the idea into a comic strip, which they pitched unsuccessfully. National Publications was looking for a hit to accompany their success with Detective Comics, and did not have time to solicit new material. Because of the tight deadline, editor Vin Sullivan was forced to make it out of inventory and stockpile pages. Sullivan asked former coworker Sheldon Mayer if he could help. Mayer found the rejected Superman comic strips, and Sullivan told Siegel and Shuster that if they could paste them into 13 comic book pages, he would buy them. #SuperRuminations #Superman #ActionComics
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If you don't know the history of Superman, Henry just caught you up in his latest post. We're not sure when the photo was taken, but if it's recent you know what that trailer and costume mean.. new Justice League scenes!

The additional photography is set for this summer, and producer Charles Roven confirmed that Henry is involved. But he's also in the middle of filming Mission: Impossible 6 (that's about to resume production in NZ), so there is always the possibility this is not a new pic. Still pretty frickin' awesome!

We'll be seeing more than a cup of coffee and those iconic red boots on November 17, when Superman "returns from the dead.." in Justice League.

Henry also congratulated the Wonder Woman cast and crew for the film's huge success at the box office, that can only mean more buzz for JL later this year.


  1. This is definitely not a new pic. Henry is a bit lean for the suit and has a moustache. He more likely is in NZ shooting for M:I6 right now.

    1. Plus his hair is completely different too how he has it for Superman.

    2. You beat me too it @2:36 was gonna say the same! One could argue that CGI be used to match things out but that can only do so much. The physicality of Henry actually being there himself ways out far greater. Depends on the scenes needing to be shot really.

  2. Definitely one of the best pictures I've seen on social. Nicole :)

  3. Love those boots Henry!!! thanks for loving Superman as much as we do! looking forward to the JL this November! and awwwww don't think Kal is playing hide and seek right :) I see those cute fluffy ears on the other side of the table :)
    Have a good day everyone!

  4. Hello Again Mr Cavill. I have one of The Vintage Superman Comic Books. I just don't know what number or date it is. But it is one of the BIG COMICS. I will need to get it out of hiding to check. OKEEDOKEE.

  5. So much excitement! Hope Henry gets to see WW at some point. Not sure if he did yet!

  6. A glimpse of Supe's legs... yay!! Looking forward to seeing him in JL. Thank HC for the Superman trivia. D.


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