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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Royal Marines Charity: Henry Shares Omaze Winner's Experience

Henry has shared the exciting moments, when he met with Omaze contest winner Christina Boyd for a toast on The London Eye.

We're so happy to hear just how much money was raised for The Royal Marines Charity, which Henry represents. Omaze added a full write-up with some fun details on their post, so make sure to hit the link below.

Look for more on Christina's experience meeting Henry tomorrow, as she exclusively tells us all about  her time in London! -- UPDATE: Read the fun details.


  1. Oh, you're such a lucky lady! It's just so lovely. D

  2. Why would someone say Gal Gadot got paid less than Henry Cavil when in fact they were paid the same amount for their individual DC movies! Do not believe liars, I don't know why they would make DC look bad like that. I love DC and know they're very genuine and equal, especially when it comes to payment.

    1. It was a 'journalist' who didn't bother to fact-check who started it all. I guess they just wanted a chance to cry sexism and the usual tripe. Since deleted her tweet.


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