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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Weekend Fun: Several Fans Meet Henry In Queenstown, NZ

@jlowe84 "Out for dinner on our honeymoon and lucky enough to meet this legend. Thank you @henrycavill for saying hello and congratulating us! What a treat..."

UPDATE 6/26: Jennifer later shared a few more details with us on Facebook, about meeting Henry:

"Seems like he enjoyed watching the Lions win their Rugby game that night. It was really nice of him to take time out for a quick photo. As a gentlemen would, he congratulated us on getting married. Such a genuine guy!"

After what sounds like a super fun weekend training with the Mission: Impossible 6 stunt team, Henry went out in Queenstown where several fans had a chance to chat with him and take pics.

Thanks for posting everyone!

According to director Chris McQuarrie, this is going to be an exciting week on set. Don't miss the scoop he shared during a Twitter Q&A.


  1. Ohh Don't worry about dvhaperen, the light was just fine. How lucky you were to to have met him..

  2. Thanks for sharing guys!!
    I love you Henry.
    Have a happy Sunday Papasito!!!

  3. Ohhh, so lovely and beautyful pictures!!! thank you for sharing!
    What did you talk with him? How does he smell? Does he look as beautyful in real life as at the pics? sorry for being so curious, i am just a little bit jealous of you lucky guys!!! :)

  4. Oh, how nice! He's so sweet. I wish every one of his fans all over the world get to meet him atleast once in our lives. D.


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