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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Henry On The August Cover Of Men's Fitness Magazine (UK)

Your turn UK!

Today we got word that Henry is on the August cover of Men's Fitness. If the buff shot looks familiar, that's because he was on the cover of the U.S. version of the magazine last summer. The shoot by Ben Watts included the debut of Kal as a model, and a must-read interview with Henry. Check out our wrap for links. It's unclear whether this latest issue includes any new content or photos, but we'll keep an eye out and let you know if that's the case. You can order it here.


  1. Umm... Hank is a hunk! *chuckles* D.

  2. Not sure why this issue is relevant. He looks so opposite and different in the recent pictures coming out of NZ for MI6. Don't see the merit here. I sure hope once he'll be back in LA, that the powers that may be, get him back into that shape.

    1. It's relevant because it's an article about HC's fitness in a fitness mag, it doesn't need to be current. There are many who admire his physique/discipline in the health and fitness field due to his playing Superman; therefore articles will be published focussing on that detail. Unless there's another Superman film ready to be shot or other role he's been cast in which requires him to build himself up, I don't see him doing so any time soon. Which is fine by me the amount of stress that's put on your body with the tough diets and exercise is not healthy to be implemented continuously.

    2. Agreed,besides it's still a great article and it's nice to be physically able to pick up a copy :-)

  3. I read the magazine. Neither the images nor the content is new. The interview is an old recycled interview from last year. So yeah, no net new content.


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