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Friday, June 16, 2017

The Secluded M:I6 Set, NZ Public Official's Missed Opportunity

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Just in case you're wondering how secluded these New Zealand M:I6 sets are.. got car sick just watching that video!

Henry's costar Michelle Monaghan posted it today. She joined the production earlier this week, and has been sharing really cool updates ever since.

Last we heard from director Chris McQuarrie, it looked like some stunts were in the making.

While several fans have gotten a chance to get pics with Henry, one NZ public official missed his big opportunity.. because he didn't recognize him with his M:I6 look!

"He was incredibly down to earth and unassuming, you would not have known and that's why I suppose I didn't really click." "He was just one of five of us having a beer and having a chat and no one was making a fuss about him, he just turned up by himself."

You can read the rest of the story at the New Zealand Herald, and keep checking back for the latest news from New Zealand.

UPDATE: Here are the latest images by director Chris McQuarrie and Michelle Monaghan. So pretty!

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  1. Oh no... Mr Harvey! You dropped the lollipop. I know it sucks. Just remember the good part of it. An hour... who gets that?! D.

  2. A stuntman on MI6 called Wade Eastwood has shared his experience with helicopters and Henry is pictured with him and his crew. It's a new pic.

    1. Thank you so much, posted! will do a wrap later.


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