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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

'Nomis' Post-Prod. Update: Alex Daddario Shares Plot Details

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This has been such an exciting year to follow Henry's work, not only because he's set to return as Superman in Justice League and is now filming Mission: Impossible 6.. but also because of his role in Nomis.

Director David Raymond has been busy editing the film since production wrapped in March, and a few days ago he shared this behind the scenes pic.

The plot involves a police force that captures an online predator, and soon realizes there's much to be uncovered.

Alex on set with fan @TheSamuelYears

We know Henry is part of that force, and his costar Alexandra Daddario recently shared new details about the plot. While promoting Baywatch last month, Alex spoke to the Winnipeg Free Press about her role in Nomis:

At the time the posters were coming out, Daddario, 31, was herself working in the wintry landscape of Winnipeg, playing the role of a police detective investigating the crimes of an online predator in the thriller Nomis, opposite Henry Cavill and Sir Ben Kingsley.

"Something like Nomis is really interesting to me because I wanted to work with the people that were involved with it and it was a role I’d never done before."

(..) She also doesn’t object to subjecting people to suspense, which she’ll do in Nomis.

"It’s a more adult role than I’ve played," she says. "I’m basically in an interrogation room with the bad guy the entire time and the scenes are very dark and very strange.

Nomis is a psychological piece and is unlike anything the actress has ever done before.

"This character is dealing with something that... I’ve never had a character deal with something like this before in a film. It’s fun. I love doing heavy stuff."

But Alex is not all dark and gloomy. She also gave a shout-out to Henry while doing press overseas.. she seems to think he'd make a great Baywatcher!

Nomis is set to be released next year. Look for production updates as they come in.

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  1. Whew.. Henry's been so busy throughout! D.


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