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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Moustachegate Day 2: M:I6 Director Speaks Out

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Mission: Impossible 6 director Christopher McQuarrie has been very active on social media during production. So we're not surprised to see him speaking out about #moustachegate, and why Paramount isn't letting Henry shave his now infamous facial hair for Justice League reshoots (first reported by Variety). Thinking back at what they've been filming: car chases, helicopter and C-17 rides, very likely underwater action, it makes total sense that a fake moustache would just not work. While neither Warner Bros. or Paramount are commenting, the internet is sure loving their tiff.

Round two!


  1. OMG!!!! Moustachegate!!!(can't stop laughing) that's too funny! love the do over for BvS that was great! and the pop with the stach! love it!
    Can't wait to see what really happens with the stach when it's all said and done with LOL!!!! that's so great! thanks for the great laughs everyone!

  2. Hilarious! Still, Henry as Superman is so perfect, he can't look bad whatever you do! D.

  3. I think in the spirit of Moustachegate HCN should put staches on all the Henry's on their home page! that would be fun to see!

    With or without that stache Henry's still the best Superman out there!!!

    1. That would be fun! well he almost has one in two of the pics. You know he's definitely getting asked about it during the promo tour.

    2. haha! right :) I think he's not going to live this one down for a while LOL! even after the promo tour LOL!

      It will be fun to watch his reaction to all of this! thanks for all the updates!

  4. Hi Henry. I m an art director from Argentina. Why the studios don t make an agreement for shave you and all your facial hair and moustache can do it with make up for mi6. And the studios don t have to spend that kind of money.


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