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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Preview Night: 'Justice League' At Comic-Con

Mattel display at Comic-Con

We're at Comic-Con to bring you everything DCEU, and preview night offered plenty to see for Justice League fans. The costumes (minus the Superman one) from the film are on display at DC, and Mattel has put on an impressive exhibit that includes the new batmobile.

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DC is giving fans the chance to Join the League, as they take Superman's spot to complete the team photo.

But our favorite setup was this gigantic Justice League wall at Mattel, go Supes!

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Both DC and Mattel have some really nice collectibles, and you can tell they really tried to make them to Henry's likeness.

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  1. Awesome photos! wish I was there this weekend. Have fun HCN and anyone attending it's going to be AMAZING :) Nicole

  2. Wow... Superman!! D.


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