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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Henry Introduces Us To His M:I6 Stunt Double, Director's Q&A

Henry has shared a new pic from the England set of Mission: Impossible 6, introducing us to his stunt double. We've seen Henry working with Adrian McGaw and the rest of the talented Eastwood Action stunt team while they filmed in Paris and New Zealand, and can't wait to watch those action scenes on the big screen exactly one year from today!

In the meantime, director Chris McQuarrie once again talked about Henry on set as he answered questions from fans on Twitter.

He also revealed a teaser trailer is in the works, and a lot of other cool filming details. Check out his answers below.


  1. Both very cute! :) Nicole

  2. Hi Adrian, thanks for sharing Henry's burden. We owe you a lot for keeping Henry out of harm's way, and also for making him look good in dangerous action scenes. Ricky Gervais?! *lol* Yea.. maybe, does look a little bit like him. Whatever you say, you breathtakingly gorgeous handsome beast! D.


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