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Monday, July 17, 2017

Throwback From Jersey Zoo, 'Just Giving' Nomination Reminder

We don't have to wait until #ThrowbackThursday to share a great pic of Henry we hadn't seen before. Sam met him at Durrell's Jersey Zoo some time ago, and today he posted the moment on his IG.

Thanks Sam!

Henry has been an ambassador for Durrell Wildlife since 2014. Learn all about his work for the charity and how you can help him support them at cavillconservation.com.

Durrell does incredible life-saving work for species all over the world, and they are always posting the latest news on their social media including the birth of their latest baby at Jersey Zoo!

A post shared by Durrell Wildlife (@durrellwildlife) on

Finally, please don't forget to nominate Henry for his work with both Durrell and The Royal Marines Charity at the Just Giving Awards. The nominations close in a few weeks! -- NOMINATE HIM NOW.


  1. Therefore, people set aside more day online.

  2. Oh,thanks..! Wow, Henry's so.. hunky! Yes ofcourse, I've already nominated him. It's such a good quality pic. Thanks again for sharing HCN. Loved it. D.


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