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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Warner Bros. Announces Release Dates Ahead Of SDCC

A lot going on, ahead of the start of Comic-Con tomorrow!

Warner Bros. is preparing for its big presentation in Hall H on Saturday, and it looks like we may get some DC titles attached to the news below..

We're really hoping that Man of Steel 2 takes one of those 2020 slots, but it could also go to the Wonder Woman sequel or several other DC projects lined up.

Henry is not on the list of confirmed Justice League cast headed to San Diego, but Ray Fisher is ready to go..

The presentation will preview Aquaman and Justice League, which means we'll be getting some new footage!

Follow us on our social media for the very latest. We'll be bringing you live updates from San Diego starting tomorrow.

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  1. Would be nice to see the whole cast was there in Hall H still hoping they will surprise us all. I hope Zack shows up too, would be nice but by all means we all understand that he's still dealing with his loss. Those attending I hope you all have fun :) Nicole


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